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2021-06-14INCOMING FROM Mercury Checking ••7930Pending$1,500.87
2021-06-14PAYMENT TO Mercury Checking ••2518Pending$1,500.87
2021-06-09Donation from Amjad/Replit for FellowshipDonation$1,500.00
2021-06-04Test Tx From ReplitDonation$0.01
2021-06-02Donation FROM UKOGF FOUNDATIONDonation$0.86
2021-05-25Amazon Smile DisbursementDonation$7.34
2021-05-25Transfer TO Mercury Checking ••2518Internal Transfer$8.25
2021-05-25INCOMING FROM Mercury Checking ••7930Internal Transfer$8.25
2021-05-03PAYMENT TO Mercury Checking ••2518Internal Transfer$500.00
2021-05-03INCOMING FROM Mercury Savings ••6017Internal Transfer$500.00
2021-05-01Paycheck TO Brian XiangCompensation$175.00
2021-05-01Paycheck TO Fiona XieCompensation$175.00
2021-05-01Fellowship Student - Laptop Return Shipping LabelFellowship$5.95
2021-04-30INCOMING FROM BENEVITY FUNDDonation$0.91
2021-04-12PO Form NotarizationAdministrative$25.00
2021-04-12PAYMENT TO United States Postal ServiceAdministrative$1.05
2021-04-12PAYMENT TO iPostal1, LLCAdministrative$99.00
2021-04-07PAYMENT TO Mercury Checking ••2518Internal Transfer$3.00
2021-04-07INCOMING FROM Mercury Checking ••7930Internal Transfer$3.00
2021-04-07Paycheck TO Brian XiangFellowship$175.00
2021-04-05Paycheck TO Fiona XieFellowship$175.00
2021-03-16Refund from Adafruit IndustriesFellowship$64.28
2021-03-13Fellowship Student Material ShippingFellowship$43.07
2021-03-08Facebook / Network for Good DonationsDonation$174.00

* – Transactions imported from Hack Club Bank, our fiscal sponsor before July 2020.

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