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2021-11-03INCOMING FROM Interest AccrualPending$0.01
2021-11-02INCOMING FROM Mercury Checking ••7930Pending$0.02
2021-11-02PAYMENT TO Mercury Savings ••6017Pending$0.02
2021-11-01PAYMENT TO Mingjie JiangPending$15.00
2021-10-29PAYMENT TO Mingjie JiangPending$7.55
2021-10-28PAYMENT TO Mingjie JiangPending$98.28
2021-10-17PAYMENT TO Mercury Checking ••2518Pending$1,000.00
2021-10-17INCOMING FROM Mercury Savings ••6017Internal Transfer$1,000.00
2021-10-07PAYMENT TO Mercury Savings ••6017Internal Transfer$10,000.00
2021-10-07DONATION FROM DIGITALOCEAN, LLCDonation$10,000.00
2021-10-07INCOMING FROM Mercury Checking ••7930Internal Transfer$10,000.00
2021-09-29PAYMENT TO Mingjie JiangCompensation$650.00
2021-09-29PAYMENT TO Megan CuiCompensation$200.00
2021-09-29PAYMENT TO Brian XiangCompensation$800.00
2021-09-28PAYMENT TO Mercury Checking ••2518Internal Transfer$1,650.00
2021-09-28INCOMING FROM Mercury Savings ••6017Internal Transfer$1,650.00
2021-09-22PAYMENT TO Mingjie JiangTech Roulette$53.67
2021-09-08PAYMENT TO GIFTROCKETTech Roulette$10.00
2021-09-08PAYMENT TO GIFTROCKETTech Roulette$10.00
2021-09-07PAYMENT TO Mercury Checking ••2518Internal Transfer$197.34
2021-09-07INCOMING FROM Mercury Savings ••6017Internal Transfer$500.00
2021-09-07PAYMENT TO Mercury Checking ••2518Internal Transfer$500.00
2021-09-07INCOMING FROM Mercury Checking ••7930Internal Transfer$197.34
2021-09-07PAYMENT TO GIFTROCKETTech Roulette$40.00

* – Transactions imported from Hack Club Bank, our fiscal sponsor before July 2020.

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