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2021-09-02INCOMING FROM Interest Accrual$0.11
2021-08-10INCOMING FROM Interest Accrual$0.11
2021-07-22Reimbursement TO Brian Xiang$5.75
2021-07-09Execute Big domain registration$10.11
2021-07-02PAYMENT TO - Business stamp for branding$13.72
2021-06-29Test Tx From Replit$0.01
2021-04-12PO Form Notarization$25.00
2021-04-12PAYMENT TO United States Postal Service$1.05
2021-04-12PAYMENT TO iPostal1, LLC$99.00
2021-03-07Adafruit Return Shipping$3.03
2021-01-28PAYMENT TO GMASS$11.01
2020-10-28The Hack Foundation (HCB) Fund Transfer$3,954.92
2020-10-28REIMBURSEMENT #1 TO Mingjie Jiang - Incorporation Filing$223.00
2020-10-28REIMBURSEMENT #3 TO Megan Cui - 1023 Filing$275.00
2020-10-25REIMBURSEMENT #2 TO Mingjie Jiang - Incorporation Docs$43.26
2020-07-29*USPS PO Box$118.00
2020-06-29*Execute Big Bank Fee$1.59
2020-06-22*Domain Renewal:$10.11
2020-03-16*Gilmour Academy (USPS Shipping)$26.35
2020-03-16*Refund to zero out Hack Cinci Balance from Execute Big$127.43
2019-09-23*Hack Cincinnati Post-Event Recalculation$353.00

* – Transactions imported from Hack Club Bank, our fiscal sponsor before July 2020.

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