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2021-10-17INCOMING FROM Mercury Savings ••6017$1,000.00
2021-10-07PAYMENT TO Mercury Savings ••6017$10,000.00
2021-10-07INCOMING FROM Mercury Checking ••7930$10,000.00
2021-09-28PAYMENT TO Mercury Checking ••2518$1,650.00
2021-09-28INCOMING FROM Mercury Savings ••6017$1,650.00
2021-09-07PAYMENT TO Mercury Checking ••2518$197.34
2021-09-07INCOMING FROM Mercury Savings ••6017$500.00
2021-09-07PAYMENT TO Mercury Checking ••2518$500.00
2021-09-07INCOMING FROM Mercury Checking ••7930$197.34
2021-08-12INCOMING FROM Mercury Checking ••2518$10.00
2021-08-12PAYMENT TO Mercury Checking ••7930$10.00
2021-08-10PAYMENT TO Mercury Savings ••6017$9.76
2021-08-10INCOMING FROM Mercury Checking ••7930$9.76
2021-07-23INCOMING FROM Mercury Checking ••7930$366.97
2021-07-23PAYMENT TO Mercury Checking ••2518$366.97
2021-07-21INCOMING FROM Mercury Checking ••7930$0.36
2021-07-21PAYMENT TO Mercury Checking ••2518$0.36
2021-07-14UKOGF Erroneous Transaction OUT$0.36
2021-07-06UKOGF Erroneous Transaction IN$0.36
2021-06-30Transfer from AR ••6017$2,508.27
2021-06-30Internal Transfer To Checking$2,508.27
2021-06-14Account Receivable TO Mercury Checking ••7930$1,500.87
2021-06-14Account Receivable TO Mercury Checking ••2518$1,500.87
2021-05-25Transfer TO Mercury Checking ••2518$8.25
2021-05-25INCOMING FROM Mercury Checking ••7930$8.25
2021-05-03PAYMENT TO Mercury Checking ••2518$500.00
2021-05-03INCOMING FROM Mercury Savings ••6017$500.00
2021-04-07PAYMENT TO Mercury Checking ••2518$3.00
2021-04-07INCOMING FROM Mercury Checking ••7930$3.00
2021-03-05Transfer between Mercury accounts (from AR)$0.22
2021-03-05Transfer between Mercury accounts (to checking)$0.22
2021-03-02REFUND FROM GMASS$11.01
2021-02-22Transfer between Mercury accounts (to checking)$405.14
2021-02-22Transfer between Mercury accounts (to savings)$800.00
2021-02-22Transfer between Mercury accounts (from AR)$800.00
2021-02-22Transfer between Mercury accounts (from AR)$405.14
2020-11-12PAYMENT TO PAYPAL$0.26
2020-10-28Transfer between Mercury accounts (to checking)$954.92
2020-10-28Transfer between Mercury accounts (from AR)$954.92
2020-10-28Transfer between Mercury accounts (to savings)$3,000.00
2020-10-28Transfer between Mercury accounts (from AR)$3,000.00
2020-09-04Transfer between Mercury accounts (to savings)$450.00
2020-09-04Transfer between Mercury accounts (from checking)$450.00
2020-09-01*Transfer from card balance back to Hack Club Bank balance$50.00
2020-08-31Square account verification withdrawal$0.01
2020-08-31Square account verification$0.01
2020-03-04*Emergency Card Balance$50.00

* – Transactions imported from Hack Club Bank, our fiscal sponsor before July 2020.

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